What Could Possibly Make an Introverted Relater a Great Leader?

As much as a Relater Personality is the complete opposite of a Commander Personality (the quintessential “leader” that is on the shelf at type-casting), Relaters can be Great Leaders. What are the skill sets and characteristics that the Relater brings to the leadership table that make this personality an ideal fit in some circumstances?

  • Team and Consensus Builder – I recently read an article that was premised on the idea of being the new manager/leader who has to follow in the footsteps of a really BAD leader; one who used and abused his team. My first thought was that the ideal candidate for this position could well be a Relater. Relaters are all about creating and maintaining harmony. They take the time to build a team. They value everyone’s input and strive to build a consensus that all team members can support. How do they do this? They begin by being a …
  • Good Listener – In the article referenced above, it was understood that all members of the existing “team” KNEW that they were dysfunctional and they all had ideas about how they had become that way and what was needed to remedy the problem. The ideal candidate to turn this dysfunctional team into a smoothly operating production machine is someone who will take the time to listen to what the team members feel is needed; and, who will implement the best ideas, giving credit to those who contribute to the turn around. These are behaviors that Relaters excel at. They are …
  • Patient and Supportive – Change seldom happens “overnight”. Change, especially radical change, takes time and require encouragement. Again, Relaters understand this and will give the team time to adopt new systems and new thought processes, encouraging and supporting the people who make it happen.
  • Thoughtful – Once again, we need to recognize that Relaters, as introverted personality types, need to have their alone time to recharge their batteries; to re-energize themselves. Great Leaders who are Relaters and who use their alone time to consider their team and the situation in which it finds itself can find the opportunities that are available to the team and can develop strategies for turning dreams into realities.
  • Empathy – Relaters have tremendous empathy for others and can relate to the needs of other people. They are able to see themselves in another person’s shoes. A former neighbor, a Relater personality, worked in the construction industry. A job that he was supervising was slightly behind schedule and the client needed to obtain the certificate of occupancy (C.O.) on the coming Monday morning. There were no extensions to be had. Recognizing that his crew had been working hard and would not be excited at the prospect of working on Saturday to finish the job on time, this man did not begin by telling the crew that they would have to work on Saturday. Instead, he began by telling everyone how much he appreciated all that they had done to get the job this far; and, how proud he was of the quality of their work. He then made the statement that the final inspection for the C.O. was scheduled for Monday and that he planned to be on site at 7:30 on Saturday morning to make sure everything was done.  He then asked who would join him at 8:00 … that he’d provide the coffee and donuts. Needless to say, he had a full crew with him on Saturday, the job was finished on time, and the inspection was completed without a hitch.

Relaters have a real knack for building teams that work together … a skill that every Great Leader would love to have. Do you have an example of how a leader that you know has exercised Relater skills to build a great team. Click the COMMENT button and share it here.

Tom Hoisington is a speaker, trainer, and author whose goal is to provide leaders and potential leaders with tools that empower them to build teams that are creative and cost effective along with a clearer understanding of how personality types interact within those teams. He can be contacted at tom.hoisington@eagleoneresources.com

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