Training & Facilitation


“Enthusiastic”, “humorous”, and “dynamic” are words used by training class participants to describe Tom Hoisington.  Tom is an experienced trainer who uses a high energy presentation that takes full advantage of adult learning styles.  His humor, stories, and analogies help make training content easily understood.  Assessments show that those benefiting from Tom’s training techniques show strong improvement in comprehension and understanding.  Tom’s ability to bring clarity to difficult topics leads to needed behavioral changes.

“Tom is a wonderful trainer.  Clients understand everything that he says.  He makes some not so interesting topics for some people very interesting and fun.  They enjoy the classes and get so much out of them.  As a trainer, he is probably one of the best.”

–        Adrienne Cooperman, MSW, Director of Emergency Services & Family Stabilization Program, Jewish Family Services, Winter Park, FL

Seminars & Workshops

Eagle One Resources offers a series of workshops and seminars on a variety of financial topics including:

  • Budgeting
  • Managing Payroll Deductions
  • Fine Dining on a Budget
  • Insuring Your Home and its Contents
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Retirement Planning

The list above does not include all offered topics.  Each workshop is available as a one-time event; or, the workshops can form the basis for a series of presentations that help participants organize their personal finances and obtain the greatest value from each dollar that they earn.

Tom Hoisington has been a presenter for Options! Program, Inc. for over five years averaging 10 presentations a year!  He has become an integral part of the superior product that we deliver to our clients.  His dedication to coaching individuals is only surpassed by his humorous and skilled presentation.  I would recommend Tom to any group that wants the best!

–        Ede Lambert Slovin, President/CEO, Options! Program, Maitland, FL