COREMAP LogoCORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (COREMAP®) is the only truly multidimensional profile on the market today. It provides a clear and accurate picture of the complete personality. It measures self perception, current functioning, how effectively an individual is using the entire spectrum of personality traits, and compares each of these for congruence. It also describes and predicts current coping patterns, measures emotional intelligence (EQ) and provides specific information to help individuals move in the direction of greater personal effectiveness.

Most instruments look at only one aspect of an individual and are difficult to measure for accuracy because they do not provide reliable means for comparison. The multidimensional approach ensures an accurate result and provides a means to uncover possible conditioning which may have altered the expressed personality. Only COREMAP® provides as many points of comparison, which also makes it virtually impossible to skew. This is an important distinction because many profiles are skewed, either intentionally or unintentionally, and inaccurate results reported.
Nothing compares to COREMAP® for true personal awareness and growth.

Reprinted with permission from COREMAP.com