Financial Coaching

In a world where we are constantly urged to “buy, try, use, enjoy NOW and pay LATER, it’s hard to set and reach financial goals.  There are simply too many distractions vying for our attention and enticing us away  from our financial plans … if such plans even exist.

What is needed is a trusted advisor.  Not the advisor that immediately comes to mind as the salesman touting his newest merchandise or the product that his sales manager told him to push this month.  Rather, what is needed is a true advisor who can help you set goals for yourself that are based on the things that are most important to you; someone who can help you develop a plan that will enable you to reach those goals.  This advisor helps measure your progress toward each goal and determine what part of the plan, if any, should be reconsidered or revised.   

Did you know that your personality type influences how you think about money; how you manage your money?  Consider two friends, Frank and Ernie:

  • Frank is outgoing, friendly, and reminds his friends of a politician … there are no strangers, only friends he hasn’t me yet.  Frank knows how hard he works for his money and feels that he has every right to treat himself to rewards.  Because he likes sharing his rewards with friends, he is often known to invite them to join him for a meal, a sporting event, wherever he might be going.  Some might call him impulsive.  If he sees something he wants and likes, he buys it immediately.
  • Ernie on the other hand is much more reserved.  That’s not to say that he doesn’t enjoy a night out; but, he’s very selective who he invites and prefers small gatherings.  Like Frank, Ernie recognizes that he, too, works hard for his money and should benefit from it.  But, unlike Frank, he thinks long and hard before spending his money and makes sure that it won’t interfere with other plans he has made.  If he is contemplating a major purchase, he thoroughly researches the product and reads reviews of how it performs before making a decision.

Obviously, Frank and Ernie are fictional characters; but, everyone knows someone just like each of them.  Think how painful it would for each of them to behave like the other.

When you elect to receive financial coaching from Eagle One Resources, you will be the beneficiary of the knowledge and insights that are the result of over a decade of financial and budget counseling experience.

Your financial coach will begin by determining your personality type.  You and your coach will review of your current money management habits; how you are using your money today.  Then, you will discuss the things that you would like accomplish, financially speaking, throughout your life; what plans you have made; and, how you are progressing toward those goals.

At the end of your initial consultation, you will have a choice …

  • You can choose to take this information and pursue your goals as you have been; or,
  • You can choose to enroll in a series of 60 minute coaching sessions over a 13 week period of time during which your financial coach will help you create a plan for attaining the goals that are most important to you; and, help you measure your progress toward those goals.

The choice is yours.  You can continue along the path that you have followed up until now and hope for the best; or, you can choose to take a positive and decisive step toward the financial success you deserve.  Only you can decide.