Keynotes & Breakouts

The Great Recession has led many people to rethink their financial management habits and set new prioritities for dealing with financial issues.  People want to believe that their finances are “in order”; that they won’t become the homeless person they see standing next to the freeway off-ramp holding a sign that reads “Will Work for Food”.

  • Individuals feel stress from the growing demands on their static or shrinking incomes.
  • Employers hear employees asking for raises that the employees hope will provide the funds to deal with financial problems that just won’t go away.

If you see yourself in one of these descriptions, Eagle One Resources can help.

Tom at Hiawassee College, Madisonville, TN

When you retain Tom Hoisington to deliver a keynote or to facilitate a breakout session on personal financial management, you are acquiring the benefits of over 30 years of experience in helping individuals and families set financial goals and develop plans that empower people to reach those goals.  You can choose to have Tom deliver an existing presentation or workshop; or, he can develop materials that specifically address the issues confronting you and members of your organization.  To learn more and schedule a presentation, contact us at or call 407-312-3304.

“I have sat through more professional speakers’ performances than I care to recall. However I can count on one hand what any of them said.  I only can recall that the audience stayed awake and said that was a good speaker but I don’t remember the message.

“Tom Hoisington is one of the exceptions.  Tom not only holds audiences in the palm of his hand with his story telling but leaves them with valuable information that can impact not only their lives but also the organizations they work for.

“If you are in charge of securing a speaker for your next event, Tom will not only make you look good but will provide the  greatest ROI on your budget.”

– Robert E. Donovan, Vice-President, Best Solutions