Code of Ethics

People seek advice from advisers that they trust. To trust them, you must know what they stand for. You have a right to know the standards to which I hold myself and my company accountable. Here is my pledge to you.

I pledge to –

  • Ascertain and understand the circumstances of my clients in order to provide the same service to them that I would apply to myself
  • Maintain the confidences that my clients have expressed to me and to protect their right to privacy
  • Present my clients with all facts needed for them to make decisions in their professional, financial, and personal lives; and, to do so with the utmost honesty and objectivity
  • Conduct myself at all times with both honor and dignity
  • Take advantage of opportunities to increase my knowledge and maintain a high level of professional competence
  • Conduct my business in compliance with not only the letter, but also with the spirit, of all laws and regulations as they relate to my professional and business activities
  • Be a leader who leads others only toward the best
  • Dedicate my skills and abilities to work for the common good
  • Live my life on a solid foundation of clean living, ethical conduct, honest work, unselfish citizenship, service to my fellow man, and reverence for God and service to Him
  • Leave a legacy of service that my family and friends can point to with pride; and, that others can view as an example to be emulated