What Do You Mean, Introverts Can Be Leaders?

Hello, type casting? I’d like to order a leader … you know, someone who is outgoing, a back-slapper, a hail good fellow well met type of person; a “take charge” guy or gal. That’s what leaders look like, isn’t it? Or is it?

COREMAP tells us that there are four personality types; Commanders, Organizers, Relaters, and Entertainers. Commanders and Entertainers are extroverts … outgoing; never saw a stranger, only a friend as yet unmet. Organizers and Relaters tend to be introverts who value their “alone” time; who are happy to be in the back of the room observing rather than at the front of the crowd drawing attention to themselves.

Call type casting for a leader and the odds are that they will send over a Commander or an Entertainer; usually the former. But, Organizers and Relaters can be Great Leaders because of the talents and skills that they bring to the table. Consider …

  • Organizers and Relaters use their alone time to re-energize themselves; and, this often includes taking time to bring clarity to their motives and values. By using their alone time to determine what truly motivates and excites them; what actions they will take in the pursuit of their goals (as well as what actions they will NOT take because those actions would violate their own personal code of ethical conduct), these introverted personalities are able to clearly set a course that they can explain to their followers and the vision that they have for the future … a vision that their team members can see and choose to be a part of.
  • While Organizers and Relaters may shun the limelight, they are often at their very best in one-on-one conversations. They use these personal conversations to convey their core message; their core values; their vision as they personalize the conversation to the individual needs of their listeners.
  • As people who choose to avoid the spotlight, introverts can be more observant of the actions of others. Organizers and Relaters watch what others say and do. They are able to see and hear those who quietly have an impact on the thoughts and actions of others. They are adept at drawing those quiet leaders into the conversation; and, they allow those people to guide the thoughts and actions of others. Equally important, they are able to identify those things that they want to change and improve … both in their environment and in themselves.

Hello, type-casting? I need a leader. Let’s not limit ourselves to the usual suspects. Great Leaders come in from all personality types and each personality type brings very specific and valuable skills to the leadership table. Let’s find the candidate who brings the needed skills to the role.

Tom Hoisington is a speaker, trainer, and author whose goal is to provide leaders and potential leaders with tools that empower them to build teams that are creative and cost effective along with a clearer understanding of how personality types interact within those teams. He can be contacted at tom.hoisington@eagleoneresources.com


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